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About Us & FAQ

The Rossmann Group Service

My name is Steve.  I am the owner of Phoebe's Mac Repair & Data Recovery in NYC.  I've been with Rossmann Group for almost 11 years now (and counting!).  I decided to open Phoebe's Mac Repair & Data Recovery in NYC (same location where Rossmann Group was, 141 W 27th Street!) to continue the exceptional service that Rossmann Group has been providing for more than a decade.  For those who are unaware, Rossmann Group and 6 employees (myself included) moved to Austin, Texas in 2022.  Due to personal (mostly family) reasons, I have decided to limit my time in Austin and continue doing business in NYC.  I will be re-hiring the employees we had in NYC so that we can continue to provide the area with exceptional service!  I will still be providing my consulting services to Rossmann Group. 

So, I'll go ahead and answer the question that's been on your mind. Who's Phoebe?  Phoebe is my lovely cat.  Here are some pictures of Phoebe!

P.S. You might get lucky and see Phoebe at the shop!

sitting cat


Q: How long will my MacBook repair take? 

A: On average, MacBook repair takes 3-5 business days. 

Q: Is it expensive to repair a MacBook? 

A: It depends on the model.  Any model from 2019 and up will be expensive to repair. Anything from 2018 and under will be relatively cheap to repair. 

Q: Is it worth it to fix an old Mac? 

A: It depends on the age of the Mac and the cost of repair.  If the Mac is 10-12 years or older, it likely isn't worth repair. Anything under 9-8 years is worth fixing.  We'll let you know if it's worth repairing!  

Q: How much does it cost for data recovery?

A: It all depends on the issue and the type of failure.  For standard HDDs, it starts at around $500 and can go up depending on the issue. 

Q: Is it safe to use a data recovery company?

A: The short answer is yes.  Most companies have security protocols in place that protect your data.  It is best to find a reputable company that you can trust. 

Q: What is the success rate of data recovery? 

A: Generally speaking, the success rate is around 70-80%.  This is a realistic number that is accurate and is based on data gathered over the years. 


Q: How long will my HDD/SSD & iPhone data recovery take?

A: This one is tricky. It can take anywhere from 5 business days to 3 months. It depends on the issue, and it depends on if donors are available. 

Q: Can you give me an estimate over the phone/email?

A: Most of the time, yes.  You'd have to give us your model and year (have that handy before calling).  There are instances where we have to see it to give a more accurate price.  Remember to check out our general pricing, your repair will fall between those numbers 95% of the time!

Q: Do you fix iPhone screens/batteries/cameras? 

A: Yes, we do.  Screen replacements on iPhone is tricky, you will get a non-genuine parts error in the settings menu on some models after we replace the screen and/or the battery.  Your phone will still be fully functional, you'll just see that message occasionally.  Unfortunately we currently do not have a solution to fix that.


Q: Do you offer rush service? How much is it?

A: We do, rush is usually $45 additional for MacBook Repair, and $100 additional for Data Recoveries. 

Q: Do you offer warranty on repairs? 

A: Yes, our repairs come with a 3-month warranty. Don't worry, If you're out of warranty, we will still help you out. 

Q: Do I need to make an appointment? 

A: No, you may walk in any time during normal business hours and we'll take care of you. 


Q: Do you offer free internal cleaning? 

A: We do! If your MacBook or PC looks anything like the About Us picture above, your computer is overheating.  We will open it up and clean the fans, free of charge!  This does not mean that we will replace your thermal paste for free.  That takes a lot more work.  For that service, we charge $100-$150. 

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