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MacBook Repair & Lab Data Recovery In NYC, Done Right!

From The Team That Brought You Rossmann Group

My name is Steve.  I am the owner of Phoebe's Mac Repair & Data Recovery in NYC.  I've been with Rossmann Group for almost 11 years now (and counting!).  I decided to open Phoebe's Mac Repair & Data Recovery in NYC (same location where Rossmann Group was, 141 W 27th Street!) to continue the exceptional service that Rossmann Group has been providing for more than a decade.  For those who are unaware, Rossmann Group and 6 employees (myself included) moved to Austin, Texas in 2022.  Due to personal (mostly family) reasons, I have decided to limit my time in Austin and continue doing business in NYC.  I will be re-hiring the employees we had in NYC so that we can continue to provide the area with exceptional service!  I will still be providing my consulting services to Rossmann Group. 

So, I'll go ahead and answer the question that's been on your mind: Who's Phoebe?  Phoebe is my lovely cat.  Here are some pictures of Phoebe!

P.S. You might get lucky and see Phoebe at the shop!

Gray Cat

Our Services

MacBook Repair

Here at Phoebe's, we offer the best MacBook Repair in NYC, bar none!  Our company is built on ethics and honesty, we will never up-sell you on anything. Click below to check out the most common MacBook issues and the average price people end up paying to repair them. 

Data Recovery

We offer the best Data Recovery in NYC with no price gouging.  We will never scam our clients by charging $2500 for a PCB issue on a Hard Drive.  Data recovery is indeed expensive, and we have no problem breaking down the price in simple terms for our clients. We will always be upfront with you!

MacBook Laptop Repair
Hard Drive Clean Room

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